Single Use Products

In many biopharmaceutical processes, single-use, disposable products have become a viable alternative to traditional stainless steel process systems. They offer several advantages:




Costly and time-consuming cleaning validation protocols and associated paperwork are eliminated.

Lower Capital Costs

The use of disposable bioprocess equipment eliminates costly CIP and SIP equipment as well as all of the associated fixed piping systems.

Lower Utilities

Single-Use systems eliminate the expense of costly items such as cleaning chemicals and steam. Using disposables also greatly reduces energy costs and water use.


As single-use bioprocess equipment requires much less product transfer from vessel to vessel, workers do not come in contact with cytotoxic drugs.

Reduced Risk of Cross Contamination

Cleaning deficiencies are a common regulatory issue, which is eliminated using disposable setups and equipment.

Smaller Clean Room Requirements

This also reduces capital and operating expenditures.


High Purity Products

Tri-Canada has a complete product line of High Purity Products including BPE fittings, Electro-polished Tubing, Gaskets, Hose Assemblies, Pumps, Valves and Specialty High Purity Systems.