Saint-Gobain PTFE Teflon Hose Assemblies


Use of Versilon™ TLCTCO Hose in filling machine applications:

A major cosmetic manufacturer was experiencing repeated failures of supply hoses used to transfer lotion to containers being filled in a rotary filling machine operation. The plastic reinforced tubing being used along with maintenance shop assembly produced hose “assemblies” constantly leaked at the fitting to hose connection due to “worm gear clamp” assembly practices. The use of Versilon™ TLCTCO hose assemblies with crimped sanitary end connections eliminated leaks, reduced the stress on the filling head mechanism and allowed CIP procedures to be implemented reducing set up time for product line change over. TLCTCO’s bend radius is approximately 20-25% less than conventional rubber covered fluoropolymer line hose assemblies with force to bend values featuring the same 20-25% reduction. This product feature may allow an application to use a short hose which is especially useful in restricted space applications commonly encountered in filling machine applications. 

Saint Gobain Teflon Hose Assemblies from Tri-Canada: Superb Quality • Proven Performance • Responsive Service 

Tri-Canada's product line of stainless steel braided Teflon-lined hoses from Saint Gobain have the following specifications:



Our Chemfluor® fluoropolymer extruded tubing -- the foundation of all our hose products -- sets the industry standard for chemical and corrosion resistance, ease of use, and compliance with all key industry standards.  

Smooth Inner Bore

Our S.I.B. (Smooth Inner Bore) technology provides a totally seamless transition between hose and fitting, virtually eliminating the problems caused by particle entrapment in standard barb assemblies and simplifying maintenance.  

Flare-Thru Design

Our unique Flare-Thru fitting design ensures that the material being conveyed contacts only pure, non-contaminating Chemfluor® fluoropolymer tubing from end to end. 

Convoluted PTFE Hose


Smooth-Bore PTFE Hose

Smooth Tube Hose Series and Assemblies: FlexPro®, PharmaSmooth®, Swiv-L-Flex®, TLCTCO, CTLCT, TLCT/WTLCT/SFTL, WTLCTPFA, W.S.I.B., TS/TB, TSS, TH, MTL, MTLSJ

Site Flow Indicators, Transfer and Heated Hose

Heavy Wall Chemfluor® Natural FEP Sight Flow Indicators, Dip Tubes, Liquid Level Indicators, Inspection Ports, Flare-Thru 150# Flanged Site Flow Indicators, Caged Chemfluor® Site Gauge, Chlorine Transfer Hose Assemblies, Electrically Heated Hose

Fittings and Adapters

Flare-Thru Fittings, PermaSeal® Crimp Style Fittings, and Pipe Interface Adapters