Sani-Tech Silicone Hose Assemblies

Sani-Tech® Ultra-HP High Purity Hose

Sani-Tech® Ultra-HP hose is constructed with multiple layers of reinforced Sani-Tech® Ultra platinum-cured silicone, 316L stainless steel helical wire reinforcement and a PharmaFluor® FEP liner. The FEP liner is fully bonded to the silicone hose utilizing patented bonding technology, providing a high purity fluid path. The smooth inner bore surface ensures both optimal flow and ease of cleaning and sanitization. Light weight and exceptional flexibility make this hose extremely user-friendly.  Characteristics: PharmaFluor® FEP liner maintains fluid integrity and low binding characteristics, low TOCs, extractables and leachables. The body and jacket of the hose are constructed with Sani-Tech® Ultra platinum-cured silicone. Sani-Tech® Ultra formulations are manufactured in a certified clean room from the finest grade of silicone materials. Biocompatibility: Sani-Tech® Ultra-HP hose is constructed utilizing 100% USP Class VI compliant materials to provide further security and minimize the risk of contamination. These materials are fully characterized, documented and certified per USP , USP , EP 3.1.9, ISO 10993, FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and FDA 21 CFR 177.1550.

Sani-Tech STHT-HP Hose

Sani-Tech STHT-HP Silicone hose assemblies are available from Tri-Canada with CRN Approval for added Quality Control Assurance


  •   Biopharmaceutical-grade silicone hose
    •   High pressure ratings
      •   Ultra-flexible
        •   Improved bend radius over wire-reinforced hose
          •   Autoclavable and sterilizable
            •   Temperature range from -80°F (-62°C) to 500°F (260°C)
              •   Imparts no taste or odors
                •   Color striping available
                  •   Available in 50-foot lengths
                    •   Meets USP Class VI, European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9 and FDA criteria

                      Typical Applications:

                      •   Load cell
                        •   Pump applications
                          •   Cell cultures
                            •   Vessel or tank transfer
                              •   Laboratory use

                                SaniTech STHT-R Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose

                                Sani-Tech® STHT®-R braid-reinforced, platinum-cured silicone hose is an ultra-flexible, high-purity hose that was developed for higher-pressure applications. It is manufactured with Sani-Tech® 65 custom-brand silicone resin. Sani-Tech® STHT®-R hose resists temperature extremes, ozone, radiation, moisture, compression sets, weathering and chemical attack and imparts no taste or odors to fluids transported within it. Sani-Tech® STHT®-R hose also withstands repeated autoclaving and sterilization and resists the adherence of blood products and other sanitary fluids.

                                SaniTech Hose

                                Sani-Tech® STHT®-R-HD

                                Sani-Tech® STHT®-R-HD Heavy Duty Silicone Hose

                                A non-metallic reinforced platinum-cured silicone hose that
                                can be repeatedly autoclaved, radiated, or sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.

                                Sani-Tech® STHT®-C

                                Sani-Tech® STHT®-C Sanitary Silicone Tubing

                                An ultra-pure, biopharmaceutical-grade tubing that has a
                                useful life unmatched by any other known process tubing.

                                Sani-Tech® STHT-W and W-CO

                                Sani-Tech® STHT-W and W-CO Platinum-Cured Wire-Reinforced Silicone Hose

                                Platinum-cured wire-reinforced silicone hoses with 316L SS helical wire and extruded homogenous silicone tubing I.D.

                                STHT®-WR Wire-Reinforced Silicone Hose

                                Sani-Tech® STHT®-WR Wire-Reinforced Silicone Hose

                                A platinum-cured silicone, wire-reinforced hose, constructed of multi-ply reinforcement and 316L SS helical wire.

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