Aflex Teflon Hoses

Aflex Hose Ltd is known in the industry as the primary innovator and pioneer of PTFE hose technologies. They were established more than 30 years ago and pioneered the concept of PTFE lined flexible hoses for the transfer of process fluids in pharmaceutical and chemical plants. Since then, the company has been committed to a program of continuous development and improvement, resulting in the most technically competent and sophisticated hose range available today. 

Aflex Hose is based in England, with a manufacturing facility and Sales Office in the United States. Aflex sells their sanitary hose assemblies into the Canadian market through Tri-Canada. Tri-Canada stocks all the necessary components to assemble most of the Aflex product line at our facility in Mississauga and can provide CRN documentation, if requested at time of order. 

Additional information is available at the Aflex Hose website at NB: All new hose applications should have recommended pressure ratings checked on the Aflex website.

AFLEX Pharmaline N & X

Aflex Pharmaline N is a unique, smoothbore Teflon-Lined sanitary hose product, based on a patented Tefon hose liner tube design. Pharmaline N is designed to overcome the very poor flexibility of currently available silicone rubber covered smooth bore Teflon hose products. 

Aflex Pharmaline X is a very flexible, patented smoothbore Teflon lined sanitary hose product with a clear silicone rubber cover.

Aflex Bioflex Hose

Bioflex Ultra has become the established standard in high purity process fluid applications all over the world, and continues to be introduced into new applications every day. The key feature of Aflex Bioflex Ultra PTFE hose is the PTFE liner tube design, comprising integral rib sections which support the tube against kinking, vacuum and pressure, and highly compressed web sections which give a smooth bore inner surface and excellent flexibility.

Aflex Corroflon Hose

Corroflon’s design differs from every other convoluted PTFE hose on the market, which results in distinctive and measurable performance and safety advantages. Corroflon will give better cleanability and drainability than any other convoluted PTFE hose and is the only PTFE lined convoluted hose to be fully kink and vacuum resistant at high pressures and temperatures.

Aflex Corroline+ Hose

Corroline hose was developed and introduced by Aflex Hose in
2008, specifically to provide customers with a new smooth bore
PTFE lined hose which had better flexibility than other chemical
hose products which were available.
More recently customers have asked whether Aflex could improve
their product further still by improving the kink resistance, while
retaining the excellent flexibility.
In response to our customer’s requests Aflex Hose have introduced
a new version of Corroline, which combines excellent flexibility
with exceptional kink resistance - CORROLINE+.

Aflex Smoothbore

Smoothbore hose comprises a straight PTFE tube liner and a stainless steel outer braid, and is the basic PTFE hose design being used successfully in many automotive and general-purpose applications. Aflex hose supply a range of sizes and options, including plastic or rubber outer covers over the braid, printed if required. Other applications include use with high-pressure steam and gasses, refrigerants, hot oils, and other hot or corrosive fluids.

Aflex Hyperline FX

Hyperline FX hose is much more flexible than smoothbore hose, due to the patented design of the PTFE liner, and therefore represents a better alternative in applications where improved flexibility is required. Particularly applicable for the tight configurations increasingly necessary in automotive hose and aerospace hose applications, where space requirements are limited. Stainless steel or polyaramid fibre braided, with plastic or rubber covers as additional options.

Pharmaline Hose on dark background

Aflex Visiflon

Visiflon is a fully convoluted PTFE lined hose product, used in applications where excellent flexibility is required, and the convoluted bore is not a disadvantage. Available with a stainless steel wire braid.